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    Dedicated Word Processor, SmartKey, with required modules at one place, is a paradigm shift in Language Computing     namaskkaar, tumi sukhii hovaa নমস্কাৰ, তুমি সুখী হোৱা     suprrabhaat, tomaar sakal sukh kaamonaa kori. সুপ্রভাত, তোমার সকল সুখ কামনা করি.    namaskkaar, tunn sahu sukh paamje નમસ્કાર, તું સહુ સુખ પામજે     namaskkaar, ham aapke sukh kii kaamnaa karte hainn नमस्कार, हम आपके सुख की कामना करते हैं     namaskkaara, naanu nimage poornnnasanntoshavannnu bayasutteene ನಮಸ್ಕಾರ, ನಾನು ನಿಮಗೆ ಪೂರ್ಣಸಂತೋಷವನ್ನು ಬಯಸುತ್ತೀನೆ     haaalo, haammva tumakaamm sagllii sukhaamm aammvadddenntamm     हॅलो, हांव तुमकां सगळी सुखां आंवडेंतं     namaskkaar, ningallakku ellla sukhavumm nerunnu നമസ്കാരം, നിങ്ങള്‍ക്ക് എല്ലാ സുഖവും നെരുന്നു     hallo, eihaaknnaa nahaakkii yaaifanbaa thounijari হল্লো, এহাক্না নহাক্কী য়াইফনবা থৌনিজরি     namaskkaar, mee tujhyysaathhhhii sakal sukhannchii kaamnaa karto     नमस्कार, मी तुझ्यसाठी सकल सुखांची कामना करतो     suprrabhaat, munnn apannkar subhkaamnaa karuchhi ସୁପ୍ରଭାତ, ମୁଁ ଆପଣଙ୍କର ସୁଭକାମନା କରୁଛି     sat shrii akaal , mainn tuhaddii khushii dii kaamnaa kardii haann ਸਤ ਸ਼੍ਰੀ ਅਕਾਲ, ਮੈਂ ਤੁਹਾਡੀ ਖੁਸ਼ੀ ਦੀ ਕਾਮਨਾ ਕਰਦੀ ਹਾਂ     suprrabhaatamH, tav sarvvavidhsaukhyyarthamm kaamyaami Z सुप्रभातम् , तव सर्वविधसौख्यार्थं कामयामि ।    vannnakkam, ellaa vagaiyilum nii makizhcchiyaayirukk ennn vaazhtthukkal வணக்கம், எல்லா வகையிலும் நீ மகிழச்சியாயிருக்க என் வாழத்துகல்     namaskkaaramm, meeku anntaa sansoshhamm kalgaalani aashisttunnnaa నమస్కరం, మీకు అంతా సంతొషం కలగాలని ఆశిస్తున్నా     Like SmartKey!!     Post Your Comments On Comments Page (this website) / Social Media (links at top-right).      
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Introducing SmartKey©
We know Typing is a motor-skill. Learning another motor-skill is pain.
SmartKey is a Dedicated Word Processor for typing in a single known language on your existing keyboard.
  Write to us: kalam@datanet.co.in

Features: SmartKey

  • SmartKey Transliteration - Type Unicode directly using principles of Transliteration and press key again to get another letter option. All words can be written which is not possible in Simple Transliteration; this leads to complete user control.
  • SmartKey - Remember how we typed SMS message on Basic-mobile. Use multi-tapping feature to get different Unicode letters (for those who do not use Transliteration)
  • KBasic Unicode - Type in Word / Social Media

  • Use Predictive Text of this Self-learning software
  • Predictive Text database from SmartKey on another computer, can be merged with your database
  • Save files in Windows compatible rtf format
  • Take Printout
  • Based on Unicode
  • Bulk email with Mail Merge, after connecting with Internet
  • No separate font required to send/receive email
  • Email using Outlook Express possible
  • Bulk SMS, using dongle with GSM SIM
  • Find and Replace facility in text
  • Auto-complete templates for words or multi-line inserts
  • Insert Table/Picture/Graph in text (limited scope)
  • Insert English language words after single key press
  • Supports Windows environment from Windows 10 to Windows XP
  • SmartKey Oriya does not support Windows XP
  • Educational Feature: EduFeature
  • Detailed Help

SmartKey features available for Devnagri presently

  • Comprehensive Software - Additional Features given below
  • Write Unicode using Remington Keyboard (eg. DevLys font) layout
  • KBasic Remington (Beta Version) - Write in Remington font using SmartKey Phonetic Keyboard on Notepad
  • Unicode to True-type converter
  • Gargi to True-type converter
  • True-type to Unicode converter

 The text does not align properly, when we paste text copied from Word application ?
Copy the text from Word and paste it on Notepad.
Now copy the text from Notepad and paste it on SmartKey.


System Requirements
Works with any PC that is having Pentium IV and above,
VGA Monitor, 500 MB of RAM, 80 GB HDD

Windows 10 / Windows8 / Windows7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

Feature Description

SmartKey Transliteration :Direct Unicode using principles of Transliteration. Complete user control to write any word. This feature has self-learning predictive text.

SmartKey : All letters on a key can be rotated by Basic-mobile like toggle i.e. pressing the same key again and again.This feature has self-learning predictive text.

KBasic : This feature can be used to type directly on external interface such as MS Word or Social Media (KBasic Unicode only).

SmartKey Phonetic Keyboard : This keyboard is completely phonetic with all the letters of a script placed on A-Z keys.

EduFeature : A soft-keypad which displays the characters of the specific language, arranged on clickable buttons, an Educational Feature. Also contains Symbols.

Show Keyboard : See the Phonetic Keyboard

Autocomplete : This feature helps you type faster. A table of Autocomplete entries can be stored on your computer for future use. Then you can insert a word/ sentence by typing a 'hint' and pressing Insert key.

Save As : SmartKey can save your document in Rich Text Format (*.rtf) and SmartKey text format.

Send Mail : Login from within the software and send bulk email with mail merge.You need to adjust security, to login from outside your email page.

Send SMS : Insert a dongle with GSM SIM card into USB port and send the message composed in SmartKey editor as SMS.

Print : You can take printout of SmartKey document in rtf and SmartKey format.

Bold, italic and underline :Yes. Also see SmartKey Help.

Find and Replace : This feature is enabled for all languages.

Activation : Make Payment at License Page. Activation Key will be sent to your email ID

One-Time-Password(OTP) : Password is provided once only against payment of fee for software license. The user needs to Activate the Product while connected to Internet. Once Activated, the software works Offline. In case of change of computer hardware the user needs to De-Activate the Product and again Activate it on the new system, Internet connection is required for both processes. No request for another password / complaint shall be entertained in this matter.
  • Training Videos
  • YouTube Channel
  • SmartKey Hindi Introduction
  • SmartKey English Introduction
  • SmartKey Sanskrit Introduction
  • Module B1: SmartKey Hindi Basic Unicode Typing
  • SmartKey Hindi Predictive Text
  • Module B4: SmartKey Hindi Transliteration
  • Module B3: SmartKey Hindi Phonetic Typing
  • Module B2: SmartKey Hindi Basic Remington Typing (DevLys / KrutiDev Font)
  • SmartKey English Text-to-Speech
  • SmartKey English Speech-to-Text
  • SmartKey English Translation
  • SmartKey English Installation
  • PrintMe PDF
  • Hindi
    • Module B1: SmartKey Hindi Basic Unicode Typing
    • Module B4: SmartKey Hindi Transliteration
    • Module B3: SmartKey Hindi Phonetic Typing
    • Module B2: SmartKey Hindi Basic Remington Typing (DevLys / Krutidev Font)
    • Module T1: Type Unicode Directly on Word or Online using Remington keyboard (DevLys/Krutidev)
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    • FAQ
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