SmartKey  தமிழ்
Step 1
What is SmartKey Basic ?
SmartKey Basic is a software for writing  only தமிழ் in any external text-box.
To begin, GoTo menu- KBasic Unicode - Start  or use Ctrl E shortcut
Or goto Bottom right, in  icon tray
Open another software such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPad, Notepad, email, 
facebook, Twitter
Select font Latha 
To stop SmartKey Basic,  GoTo menu- KBasic Unicode - Stop  or  use shortcut Ctrl M
Step 2
What is Phonetic Keyboard ?
In Phonetic Keyboard all letters have been placed on the keys, according to phonetic sound. 
Click 'Show Keyboard'. Bring cursor on a letter to see its typing key combination.
Bring the mouse cursor on a letter.
Type N, Shift N, Ctrl N                                        ந ண ன
We need not press Shift/ Ctrl / N together, we can press and release Shift / Ctrl keys
Click 'Show Full-screen'
Step 3
How to add vowel-sign ?
AEIOU    Ka, ke,k Shift E, ki, k Shift I..                கா, கெ கே கை, கி கீ, கொ கோ கௌ..
X              kx, k Shift X                                                              க் கஂ
Step 4
How to write half-letter ?
Q                                     kqk, kql, kqm                             க்க க்ல க்ம
Step 5
Where is Halant ?
Q  or   X                     Halant(்)  joins letters     e  Ctrl Nq Ctrl N     என்ன        
Step 6
How to use SmartKey Basic ?
v Shift N kqkm q                                                               வணக்கம் 
ko Shift N tiru  kqK I Shift R Shift T u                       கொணடிருக்கிறது
peyr q                                                                                  பெயர்  
muruga Ctrl N q                                                              முருகான் 
nalqlipatiyak q                                                               நால்லபாடியாக்                                                
iru kqk i Shift R ay q                                                     இருக்கிறாய் 
Shift T iruva Shift L ar q                                              திருவாளார் 
u lql  tu                                                                             உள்ளடு                                                   
parqkqk                                                                           பார்க்க
Step 7
Where is Help ?
When we press a key, the letters typed by it are seen inside a yellow tooltip.
See Help above
In the Toolbar above, click 'How to write' (This page)
To write in English,  GoTo menu - KBasic Unicode - Stop 
SmartKey  Ctrl Q  (TYPING)
SmartKey Transliteration  Ctrl W
KBasic Unicode Ctrl E ( write in word / Social Media)  (TYPING)
Please close SmartKey Basic after use, as it controls the Keyboard