SmartKey தமிழ்
Step 1
What is SmartKey ?
Pressing the same key again to get another letter option is SmartKey Multi-tapping .
Press kk , ssss, ddddd க க்ஷ, ச ஸ ஷ ஸ்ரீ, ட த
To repeat the letter use Shift key, example: enn Shift N என்ன (or enn q nn)
் is added when we press Spacebar. Write கலம and press Spacebar to get கலம்
Step 2
What is Phonetic Keyboard ?
In Phonetic Keyboard all letters have been placed on the keys, according to phonetic sound.
Click 'Show Keyboard'. Bring cursor on a letter to see its typing key combination.
Type N, Shift N, Ctrl Shift N, Alt N, Alt Shift N ந ண ன ங ஞ
Click a letter on the keyboard.
Click 'Show Full-screen'
Step 3
How to add vowel-sign ?
AEIOU Ka, kee, kii, koo.., kuu.. கா, கெ கே கை, கி கீ, கொ கோ கௌ
X kxxx க் கஂ
Step 4
How to write half-letter ?
Q kqk, kql, kqm க்க க்ல க்ம
Step 5
Where is Halant ?
Q or X Halant(்) joins letters enqn என்ன
Step 6
How to use typing with Multi-tappping ?
vnnnkqkm வணக்கம்
konnntiruk Shift K i rrattu கொணடிருக்கிறது
peyr பெயர்
murugann முருகான்
nal Shift L ipatiyak நால்லபாடியாக
iruk Shift Ki rraiii இருக்கிறாய்
ttiruvallar திருவாளார்
ul Shift L tu உள்ளடு
parqkqk பார்க்க
Step 7
How to start and stop Predictive Text ?
Click 'Show Predictive Text' on the Toolbar.
Click ' Hide Predictive Text' on the Toolbar.
Step 8
How to use Predictive Text ?
To write திறுவன்டபுறம், write part of word திறுவ and press Ctrl Space keys
together OR Click a word on the Predictive Text.
After writing complete word press Spacebar.
To add a new word to Predictive Text, write the word and press Spacebar.
To remove a word from Predictive Text, click the word with Right-button of mouse.
Step 9
Where is Help ?
When we press a key, the letters typed by it are seen inside a yellow tooltip.
See Help Menu above
In the Toolbar above, click 'How to write' (This page)
Press F2 key to write in English. Again press F2 key to write in தமிழ்
SmartKey Ctrl Q (TYPING)
SmartKey Transliteration Ctrl W
KBasic Unicode Ctrl E ( write in word / Social Media) (TYPING)
Software reads the position of cursor on start-up, press Spacebar, before writing.
` symbol (Key above Tab key)