About SmartKey

We introduce ourselves as a Software Company established in the year 2000.We understand your communication needs and develop software that ‘work’ for you.Our energy knows no bounds …..We are proud of the products we offer to you ….Our motto is make IT simple.

We believe : Unicode is Human end of Technology. We all can send email in English even if we don’t know typing. We can call this method as 'writing' using a keyboard. Such ‘writing’ of known Indian language is possible, if we provide phonetic keyboard. We introduce software 'SmartKey' which is a Dedicated Word Processor (Offline) for a single language, based on Windows Operating System for use on Desktop / Laptop.

Smartkey Word Processor

  • SmartKey TransliterationM : Lets you write any word under the sun & beyond Type Unicode directly using principles of Transliteration and press key again to get another letter option.All words can be written using SmartKey, which is not possible in Simple Transliteration. SmartKey leads to complete User-control.
  • SmartKey Phonetic : Compose Letter with your existing keyboard, using direct typing, Basic-mobile-like toggle and self-learning Predictive-Text.
  • Basic Phonetic Unicode: Type directly on Social Media
  • Basic Phonetic Remington: Type directly on MS Word (presently available for Devnagri and Gujarati script)
  • Send composed text as (Bulk) email directly, after connecting to Internet
  • Send composed text as (Bulk) SMS directly, using a dongle with GSM SIM card
  • SmartKey is also a Communication Tool - bulk email (mail-merge)/ bulk SMS modules.
  • Alphabet / Symbols - EduFeature.
  • Screen Shots
  • 10 day trial download is being provided at the links on the left
  • Single User One-time License Fee: Rs.295
  • Lifetime valid License subject to proper Activation and Deactivation. Activation Key shall be provided only once and no complaints shall be entertained in this regard.
  • If License is not purchased, it stops saving the document and some other features are not available.
  • SmartKey Typing at your finger-tips. Unicode or ASCII/ Remington(eg. fonts DevLys/Kruti Dev).
  • Comprehensive/Efficient - Provides required modules at one place. See Features page of this website.
  • Smartkey Sanskrit enables typing in Vedic Sanskrit.
  • Smartkey Oriya is now available for Windows 7/ 8/ platforms.
  • SmartKey English -
    • 10-day trial at link in left panel
    • Listen English Pronunciation of selected-text *
    • Spoken English Practice Speech-to-Text*
    • Roman Hindi to English Translation
    • Updates based on Feedback, shall be provided when available
    • Use external Speakers and Mike*
  • How to Download - Click on a Language on the left panel. Fill the Form. A download-link will be sent to your email ID. When Download is complete your computer's Antivirus may give message 'The software is from unknown source'. Right click on icon in system-tray and choose 'Keep'.